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 Questions & Answers

How can therapy help me? 

Therapy here at Centered Healing and Wellness is a therapeutic platform intended to support and educate a person about various self-awareness and self-help technics to manage anything that maybe creating discomfort. 


What purpose does therapy serve? 

Therapy can be a way of untapping resources that can offer another perspective on issues, memories, or situations from the past or the present. 


What insurance do you take? 

Centered Healing and Wellness is in network for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  All other insurance carriers are out of network and will have to be call by the patient to see if their insurance will cover the visits.  We also have a sliding Scale fee to offer anyone with no insurance. 


What are your hours of operation and where are you located? 

You can schedule appointments Monday -Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Due to the spread of Covid- 19 Centered Healing and Wellness is only offering Telehealth Services.   


What ages do you serve? 


Centered Healing and Wellness serves the adolescent (12) to geriatric population. 


Do you prescribe medication? 


Here at Centered Healing and Wellness we provide psychotherapy intervention, no medication. 

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